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The Fourth Annual Young Dentist Conference 2015 - SYDNEY

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The Fourth Annual Young Dentist Conference 2015 - SYDNEY

For a young dentist in the big bad world, days can be daunting when met with common challenges of our workplace; cone cuts at the apex, that overzealous patient who insists on showing you their entire family album when you're running half an hour late, the odd stubborn matrix band, forgetting to choose a shade and the most dreaded of them all… a disgruntled patient (cue dramatic booming tones).


Date: Saturday 29th August 2015
Time: 08:45-17:25
Networking Social: 17:30-19:30
Venue: Powerhouse Museum, 500 Harris St, Ultimo NSW 2007

As a 2014 graduate of Griffith University, I consider my five years of study to have adequately prepared me to work as a safe and independent clinician. With a supportive mentor, I've found myself eager to comprehensively treat my patients in the country town of Roma, South West Queensland. Despite my present passion for removing third molars, anterior composites and liberal Duraphat applications, I believe it is particularly vital to remain wary and, most importantly, prepared for anything and any patient.

For all dentists with less than 6 years of experience, DPL's Young Dentist Conference (YDC) 2015 is not to be missed! Its profound insights, practical tips and incomparable advice packed into 5.5 CPD hours is one of sizeable value, in both a professional and financial sense of the word.

With a panel of leading speakers, you can count on an innovative and entertaining program unlike any other. The day incorporates a unique focus on the 'generation gap' regarding a rapid influx of new technology and how we're communicating with other generations of diverse (wrong?) attitudes and mindsets. The day continues on to discuss how we identify the type and nature of problems that we may encounter and how we as young dentists, can reduce our own risks. The presentation, 'Teeth Today, Tears Tomorrow?' will look at common pitfalls in prosthodontics and will be followed by an engaging session on how to manage difficult and awkward situations with patients.

To top it all off, the day's powerful presentations will be concluded by refreshments, light food and entertainment at Powerhouse Museum's Transport Exhibition; a wonderful opportunity to stretch your legs, get your $70 worth of food and compare stories of stubborn matrix bands with your colleagues, all beneath a suspended aircraft.

This is an opportunity that should not be missed so be sure to save the date for the 29th of August; I look forward to seeing you there!

- Rochelle Yong Gee

For more information contact:

The Registration Team
T: 07 3511 5005
Places are limited and tickets can be purchased online on
$70 discounted rate for Dental Protection Australia members
$170 non-members of Dental Protection Australia


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