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Dental Protection is just one of the many resources provided by Dental Protection to support you through the early stages of your career.

  • We are the leading provider of dental indemnity
  • Over 70% of UK dentist are our members
  • Reduced membership rates for recently qualified dentists
  • We are the only UK indemnifier that operates internationally so you have the flexibility that your membership can travel with you.
  • As a member of Dental Protection you receive tailored risk management, events and publications specific to the early stages of your career including the Young Dentist Conference

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Assistance with Complaints

If you are a member of Dental Protection and you need advice following a complaint, you have access to our expert team of dento-legal advisers.

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Risk Management Resourses

This is just one of the many resources that Dental Protection provides for members during the early years of your career. As a member of Dental Protection you receive reduced rates during your first five years following graduation, a range of events including the Young Dentist conference, a dedicated risk management publication, free CPD and access to the online digital library.

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Worldwide Membership

We are unique in that we are the only UK-based defence organisation serving 64,000 dental members worldwide. This gives us a wide experience and may make it possible for your membership to travel with you.

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Benefits of Membership

At Dental Protection we have the most comprehensive professional indemnity available for all members of the dental team. Over 70% of dentists in the UK choose to be protected and supported by Dental Protection. Not only do we provide top quality advice and assistance, we also have a huge portfolio of risk management support available to help you minimise risk throughout your career. We have the largest team of dento-legal advisers to assist and support you.

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